Make the Most of Your Medical Expense Deductions with Help From FAL – CPA Firm in Las Vegas

The rising costs of health insurance and medical care paired with changing tax laws have made it increasingly more difficult for individuals to claim medical expense deductions. Changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have increased the income-based threshold for deducting itemized medical expenses from 7.5% of adjusted gross income to 10% for the 2016 Read More

Minimizing Tax in Retirement

When you are planning how to make your money last a lifetime, minimizing your tax effect on retirement income can play a big part in your strategy. There is no perfect strategy for all, so consider several factors and strategies to make your retirement savings go farther. Your income needs at retirement could vary significantly, Read More

2016-2017 Tax Table

The following table provides some important federal tax information for 2017, as compared with 2016. Many of the dollar amounts are unchanged or have changed only slightly due to low inflation. Other amounts are changing due to legislation. We will keep you updated if any other changes occur with the new administration. Social Security/Medicare 2017 Read More