Ronnie Sloan, President

Ronnie Sloan

Ronnie Sloan is a partner and president of Fair, Anderson & Langerman (FAL). She is the first, and only, non CPA partner and the firm has benefited from her management and business expertise. She has been widely recognized for her outstanding leadership abilities and managerial instincts which have been integral in the firm’s expansion over the last several years. Responsible for FAL’s firm culture, Ronnie has fostered an environment that promotes professional growth and a commitment to excellence. In addition to her efforts internally at FAL, she is also responsible for the recruiting services for our clients.

Prior to joining FAL, Ronnie was employed for nearly ten years by a prominent estate-planning firm. During her tenure at Jeffrey L. Burr & Associates, her extensive management skills and leadership ability propelled her career from Controller to Executive Operations Director and a vital member of the firm’s management team.

Within the business community, Ronnie is frequently asked to serve as a keynote speaker lending her expertise in employee retention and leadership skills. She was named by the Nevada Business Journal (NBJ) as a “Woman to Watch” in 2001 and was called upon in 2011 and 2012 to be a judge for the publication’s Family Business of the Year Awards. Ronnie is a graduate of Notre Dame Executive Integral Leadership and is a PSI Seminar and Leadership graduate.

Ronnie is a native Nevadan and volunteers her time to various organizations in the community. She is a member of the Opportunity Village ARC Board and also helps the non-profit with executive screening and recruitment. Ronnie co-founded Seeds of Light, a non-profit organization created to provide support to the Mash Village Shelter women’s division. Ronnie is a mentor to high school students through YES, Inc.

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