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Tax Trends for 2014

Photo by Flickr User Andrew Magill According to this article by Small Business Trends, the predicted tax trends of 2014 will bring on some different benefits and challenges than 2013. Although these predictions are only estimates, they can help you prepare financially for the upcoming year. So here are three trends to look for in Read More

Internal Control Tips

Even though you will always seek to hire honest employees for your business, it is still very important to implement internal controls within your company. Internal controls are the policies and procedures that your company follows to make sure that no accidental or purposeful fraud happens within your business. Even if these controls seem redundant Read More

Overview of the tax provisions in the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act

The recently enacted 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act is a sweeping tax package that includes, among many other items, perment extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for most taxpayers, revised tax rates on ordinary and capital gain income for high-income individuals, modification of the estate tax, permanent relief from the AMT for individual taxpayers, limits Read More