Curt Anderson in Washington DC

Curt Anderson, Capital Hill
Curt Anderson, Capital Hill
Curt Anderson, Capital Hill
Curt Anderson, Capital Hill

Last month, our CEO Curt Anderson, joined the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s annual delegation to Washington, D.C. The delegation included more than 50 chamber members, including members from the Board of Trustees, Government Affairs Committee as well as the Metro Chamber President’s Club. Elected leaders from Southern Nevada also joined the Chamber and their respective members.

The purpose of the annual trip was to strengthen the relationships with Nevada’s Congressional Delegation and develop a working relationship with key members of Congress outside Nevada. By strengthening these relationships and creating a deeper awareness of the policy and economic issues effecting Nevada, the Chamber members are able to craft solid solutions for Southern Nevada.

The group met with several legislators and Nevada’s Congressional delegation and key committee leadership to discuss the Federal Policies that are affecting Nevada’s business community and climate.

A few of these issues and polices discussed were:

  1. Changes to the Department of Labor’s Overtime Pay Rule
  2. Interstate 11 funding connecting Las Vegas and Phoenix, AZ
  3. Homeland Security Funding
  4. Transportation and storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain
  5. Cyber Security

“It is important to stay abreast of issues that impact our community and get involved with solutions. As a business owner, I find the relationships I build through events such as these invaluable. You get the opportunity to engage with key policy makers. It is an opportunity you won’t get anywhere else”- Curt Anderson.

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