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Curt Anderson, CPA

Partner | CEO

Curt co-founded Fair, Anderson & Langerman in 1988 after a 13-year career with a national accounting firm in Los Angeles in which he was a partner and member of the firm's board of directors.


Meghan McLean

Partner | Market and Brand Strategist

Meghan is a Las Vegas marketing veteran and entrepreneur. Much of her experience is in professional services, from local to international markets, and includes a start-up providing interventions for the special needs community.


Randi Bailey

Principal | Business Operations Manager

Since beginning work at FAL in 2015, Randi has served the firm in many different ways. Currently,  she handles HR,  and oversees FAL's internal accounting and business operations, as well as overseeing the firm’s internal accounting systems.


Laura Bailey

Tax Processor, Retention Administrator

As a vital member of the operations team, Laura handles tax return assembly and oversees data filing and archiving.  Since joining FAL Laura has helped evolve processes to increase efficiency. Laura is a Chicago native and is passionate about her three children, as well as baking delicious treats for the office.


Eunice Buyan

Staff Accountant

Eunice joined our team in 2020 and quickly adapted to the complex needs of FAL clients. She currently assists with multiple audit and tax engagements.

Eunice is a graduate of Brigham Young University and is passionate about her church and volunteer work. Born in the Philippines, Eunice speaks three languages including Cebuano and Tagalog.


Nicholas Espinoza

Senior Staff Accountant

As a Staff Accountant, Nick works hard to understand and build relationships with clients in order to find opportunities that can help them save money and become more efficient in their processes.

It is important to him that clients and colleagues see his hard work and care. He is an Eagle Scout that enjoys traveling and playing poker.


Rebecca Gilgen

Accounting Manager

Joining FAL in 1999, Rebecca is the firm’s longest running employee. She has been working in business administration and collections for over 45 years and is dedicated to her profession. Rebecca is responsible for overseeing the firm’s billing and collecting systems.

She has a wonderful husband and four dogs at home and is passionate about living each day to the fullest.


John Kroll, CPA


John finished his CPA at the age of 25 and quickly advanced to a Manager position at FAL. He always looks to solve complex, technical issues for clients and hopes they would see him as a smart and responsive accountant. In his position, John manages and supervises employees on tax and audit client engagements.

On Saturdays, he can be found in his pajamas lounging with his cat, Freya.


Alex Terpstra

Senior Staff Accountant

Alex was born and raised in Las Vegas, and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting at UNLV.

Alex enjoys solving problems for clients that give them reassurance and peace of mind. He is a huge dog lover and loves spending time outdoors.


Ronnie Sloan

Partner | President

Ronnie is the first non-CPA partner in the history of the firm. Her management and keen business instincts have helped steer the firm to success particularly during the recession of 2008.


Slava Kohl, CPA


Slava Kohl joined the firm in 2005 as a junior staff accountant and recent college graduate. Her standout capabilities earned her a partnership in 2010. Currently, Slava is a Client Service Director and leads our Audit practice.


Cecilia Ayala

Staff Accountant

Cecilia has been with FAL since 2020 and enjoys the varied and challenging work offered in the public accounting world.  Experienced in a variety of industries including non-profit and government, Cecilia’s primary focus is tax preparation and planning.

Cecilia is passionate about her family and views motherhood as her most important accomplishment.


Lindsay Balasta, CPA

Accountant | Contractor

Lindsay has been working in the accounting industry for over 11 years and has become a valuable asset to the FAL team as an outside contractor.

She likes to solve systematic and procedural challenges for clients. When not working, she is involved in Moms Demand Action and Three Square.


Svetlana Carter, CPA

Audit Manager

Svetlana was attracted to public accounting for the intellectual challenge and strategy but cites the value her work brings to clients as the most rewarding part of her job. At FAL, Svetlana spearheads audit engagements and is instrumental in developing strategic tax plans.  Svetlana grew up in Russia and came to the States through a student exchange program. She currently serves on the board of the Youth Leadership Authority.


Kayla Forte, CPA


A rising star within the firm’s audit practice, Kayla works closely with FAL’s audit partner to plan, budget and execute a variety of audit and financial statement engagements. Kayla has a master’s degree in accountancy and has proven her ability to thoughtfully and creatively approach new challenges, including helping clients with special projects that involve acquisitions and unique transactions.

Kayla, along with being a passionate Vegas Golden Knights fan, loves adventure and her cavadoodle, Georgy.


Miriam Goebel

Executive Assistant

Having worked in administration for over 20 years, Miriam has been an asset to FAL’s operations since she joined the firm in 2015. Miriam works as our CEO’s right-hand in assisting with the firm’s daily operational needs. Her most important accomplishment is meeting her husband and learning the true meaning of “soul mate”.
She is the proud mother of a parrot named Mango and enjoys a nice red wine.


Lynda Miller, CPA


Lynda has been part of the FAL team since 2012. She appreciates the dynamic atmosphere of accounting and has become a resource for FAL staff and senior management within her role. As a manager she focuses on quality control and coordination of workflow, tax planning and client relations.

On the weekends, she spends time gardening with her rescue dog, Barkley.


Marie Vitello

Operations Resource Administrator

Within her 40+ years of experience in office administration, Marie has brought an important view of operations to the firm. She processes new client information, inputs budget data and coordinates the timely distribution of tax returns to clients.

She is always a team player and is instrumental in helping clients meet required tax deadlines. She is passionate about life and our Vegas Golden Knights!


Kyle Bybee, CPA

Partner | CFO

Kyle Bybee joined the FAL team in June of 2019 as a Client Service Director and Principal. He has been in the accounting industry, both public and private, for 12 years in Washington DC, Dallas, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.


Robert Henn, CPA

Principal | Client Service Director

As a Principal, Rob works closely with Curt Anderson and our other partners on complex tax strategy and planning. He is also heavily involved with the planning and execution of special client projects. Rob has been a CPA for over 8 years with a focus on real estate.


Kyle Bailey

Client Service Administrator

Kyle joined FAL's operations team in  2017 and oversees several of the firm's data platforms. He also provides assistance to the firm's partners and principals. He is passionate about his wife, as well as his collection of Tiki artwork and mugs.


Lori Bettencourt

Head of IT and Client Service Administration

Lori has been with FAL for 12 years and  led the firm's software migration in 2015. She currently handles project set-ups, helps to streamline operational procedures, and supports workflow. 

Lori went back to university as an adult and earned a BS in business with an emphasis in information systems.  She is an active member of P.E.O Chapter G, and the Las Vegas Firefighter Youth Hockey Foundation.


Matthew Consolini


Matt joined FAL in May of 2018 but has been in working in business accounting for 10 years. Within his role, Matt is responsible for ensuring accurate billing and helping the firm determine efficiencies via key metric reporting. He has also branched into payroll and A/P duties within his accounting functions at the firm. Matt earned an undergraduate degree in journalism but fell in love with accounting before receiving his master’s degree while working a full-time job. He enjoys travelling, hiking and a good beer.


Conny Gesick, CPA


Conny’s more than 15 years of experience in accounting has taken her from in-house accounting positions at major corporations back to public accounting where she’s developed specialized skills in forensic accounting and tax strategy. Her dedication to clients and the quality of her work are just a few reasons why FAL’s clients love working with Conny.

​Conny resides in Las Vegas with her husband and they enjoy traveling, hiking and mountain biking.


Khrystyna Karpyn

Senior Staff Accountant

With more than eight years of finance and accounting experience, Khrystyna values learning and technical excellence. She enjoys helping clients understand financial data and how it can assist them in critical business decisions.  

At FAL, Khrystyna works in both the audit and tax sides of the practice. In her free time, Khrystyna can be found hiking and traveling.


Anahi Saldana

Accounting Clerk

Anahi has worked on both the accounting and operations sides of the firm and found her niche in operations where her innate strengths in process and organization shine. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Anahi was born and raised in Las Vegas and in her free time enjoys spending time with friends.

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