Data Security: 4 Ways to Minimize a Breach

Let’s take a look back at 2015. It was a time when 32 million members of a website facilitating marital infidelity thought they were safe. Before that time, most people had never even heard of Ashley Madison, but when hackers got their hands on personal information, outing millions of cheaters across the globe, one of the most-talked about data breaches of our time was born.

Since then some of the biggest brands in the world have fallen prey to cyber attacks. In other words, no one is immune, including your company.

While it’s certainly not helpful to be a Dooms Dayer, it doesn’t make any sense to stick your head in the sand either. At our Las Vegas accounting firm, we do everything we can to educate our clients so their businesses flourish.

In light of this educational outlook, here are a few ways you can proactively protect your data so you’re not reactively scrambling to fix a symptom of “ignorance is bliss”:

1. Be Aware

Knowledge is power. Being aware of the fact that a data breach can happen to anyone is the first step in taking preventative measures. Learn from other companies’ mistakes and stay up-to-date on the best measures of protection.

2. Know Your Data

There’s a lot of data that comes through our Las Vegas accounting firm, so we know it is a big task to undertake to wrap your head around all the information your system houses.

That said, you can’t protect your data if you don’t know it’s there. Take a deep breath and dive in. The best way to get over any overwhelming feeling is to dig in with both hands so you can get a solid grasp of your data’s entire life cycle.

In particular, pay attention to:

  • Where your data’s located internally
  • How you transfer information to vendors and customers
  • How data comes into your organization
  • Your backup procedures and policies

3. Implement Controls

The more you standardize the process, the less likely things are to go wrong. In the event you do experience the unfortunate reality of a data breach, standardized controls will help keep you away from the panic button, allowing you to minimize the overall impact of the attack with a pre-designed system.

Proper controls will help you identify incidents in a timely manner, which will also help you find the root cause as quickly as possible.

4. Don’t Skimp on Protection

Data security should never be a budgetary afterthought. Put protection at the top of your list and find ways to allocate enough funds to ensure you have a quality security that’s updated regularly.

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