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The ABC’s of Filing Your Taxes:

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Filing taxes has gotten a lot easier in the past decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park yet. There are still a lot of little steps that go into filing your taxes successfully. That’s why we at Fair, Anderson & Langerman want to share a few simple tips that will help make your 2014 tax season easier than any other year!

Act quickly:

There’s no reason to wait until the last minute to get your taxes filed this year. Getting a head start will help you to avoid the stresses that most people experience during the end of March and beginning of April. Get started now and you won’t have to deal with the rush that you’ve dealt with other years.

Begin your strategy for 2014:

When you’re looking at your 2013 financial year in review, it’s an excellent time to start preparing for the rest of 2014. Make the changes necessary so that your 2014 return lowers your tax liability. You can make these changes by investing more in a 401k, donating more to charity, and invest in tax-free municipal bonds.

Contact the experts:

Large companies and wealthy individuals should definitely consult tax experts when it comes to filing taxes. There are many deductibles available that only tax experts will know about. When working with large sums of money it is always best to receive additional help in the tax filing process.

These ABC’s of filing taxes were brought to you by Fair, Anderson & Langerman, trusted certified public accountants of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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